Over three million Nepalis working abroad

Photo: THT/ File

KATHMANDU: As per a survey conducted by the government there are as many as three million Nepalis working abroad in different countries.
The National Planning Commission has mentioned that this survey is the first instance in Nepal’s history where Nepali nationals working in India have also been documented. The survey was conducted by the commission via government agencies located in 113 countries across the world.
There are many Nepalis who go to India for employment purposes for only a few months. However, the survey has included only those who have stayed there for at least six months, the commission informed.
The survey is a part of a study launched to assess the impact of the COVID-19 crisis on employment and the national economy in general, said Ram Kumar Phunyal, a member of the commission, adding that a report will soon be prepared from the findings of the study.
After the study report has been prepared the commission will submit it to the COVID-19 Crisis Management Centre.

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